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Bassein Ø 300x76cm / filterpumbaga

Delivery time: 1 - 7 days


Bassein mõõduga 300x76cm, PVC materjalist. Kaasas filterpump

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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Bassein 3m filterpumbaga saab kohandada suviti mõnusaks spaaks

  • Basseini läbimõõt 300cm, kõrgus 76cm
  • Mahutuvus 3618L
  • Sinist värvi, valge servaga
  • Tugevast PVC materjalist
  • Komplekti kuulub filterpump
  • parandusteip kaasas


Jilong Prompt Set Pool Marin Blue 300 as a set with ø 300x76 cm

Enjoy the warm temperatures and the well-deserved cooling with a Jilong Pool directly in your garden. The construction of the pool is simple and quick, no tools are needed. A detailed assembly instruction is enclosed with the delivery. Bottom and side walls are made of three-layer reinforced material which has durable, robust and hardwearing properties and guarantees a long service life.

In order to be able to install a filter system, two connections have been incorporated into the pool wall. Through this the water is led to the pump and, after filtration, is fed back to the swimming pool. The water is drained from the pool basin by means of a bottom valve. In order to distribute the water comfortably in the garden or to channel it into a sewer, an attachable connecting piece for your garden hose is included in the delivery.

Scope of delivery: 
Pool basin - Filter pump (cartridge pump) - Filter cartridge

The material - robust, durable, durable and resistant
Three-layer reinforced PVC
Jilong Pools uses a three-layer material for the production of the water basin. The two outer layers are made of robust PVC. To reinforce and ensure the required tensile strength, a polyester mesh grid is incorporated between the PVC. The total thickness of the material varies from pool to pool. Basically, the more water in the pool, the thicker the material used.

Standards and safety standards
All Jilong products comply with the valid quality guidelines, product standards and safety standards and are also ISO 9001 certified. According to the standards, all materials are free of plasticizers (phthalate-free), free of harmful substances and safe for you to use.

Pool Sketch
For the planning of your bathing pleasure we provide you with a sketch of the pool dimensions. Here you can see how much space is needed to set up your new garden swimming pool and how large the water-filled area is for splashing.

Floor tarpaulin and pool cover
A floor tarpaulin and a pool cover are useful accessories for your swimming pool. The floor tarpaulin protects your installation pool in the floor area from damage and, of course, also the surface on which the pool stands. The pool cover protects the pool water from dirt, dirt, foliage and sand. The water quality is maintained longer with the help of a cover. Fewer impurities also have to be filtered through the pump. To find out whether a tarpaulin and/or cover is already included in the set, please refer to the item Scope of delivery.

Cartridge filter pump and sand filter pump
Pool pumps for filtering the water are important to maintain good water quality for as long as possible. Jilong pools can be operated with cartridge pumps or sand pumps. These are available in different sizes with different pumping capacities. If and which pump is included in the set, please refer to the item Scope of delivery. Basically, sand filter pumps provide the best filter results, but these are somewhat more expensive to purchase.

Info Box

  • Installation dimension: 300x300x76 cm
  • Water capacity: 3618 litres
  • 1136 L/h Pump: included
  • Filter cartridge size 1: included
  • 2-stage conductors: available as accessories
  • Tarpaulin: available as accessories
  • Floor tarpaulin: available as accessories
  • Set-up time: 10 min.
  • Assembly instructions: included
  • DVD body: not available
  • Repair Kit: included
  • Weight: approx. 11 kg

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Tuotenumero OU627160
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