Granuleeritud täissööt hobustele / 25kg

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Granuleeritud täissööt sporthobustele / 25kg


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Granuleeritud täissööt sporthobustele / 25kg


Compound feed for horses
UAB JONIŠKIO GRŪDAI manufactures and supplies markets with compound pelleted
feed for adult trotter and sport horses. The feeds are made by latest scientific
recommendations from carefully selected high-quality raw material.
Formulation is precisely balanced to ensure that your horse gets all the nutrition he
 achieves and maintains the requered body weight;
 effectively develops body muscles;
 increases vitality and energy;
 improves sports results;
 vitamins and minerals supports overall horse health.
Introduce into your horse's feed ration gradually over a period of 1 - 2 weeks. The amount fed will
depend on the quality and quantity of pasture and hay available, along with the horse’s body
condition. Clean, fresh water should be made available at all times.
Keep product fresh in cool, dry storage.
Barley, oats, maize, wheat bran, sunflower seed meal, (sugar) beet molasses, dried apple
pomace, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, vitamin and mineral complex.
Analysis values 1kg:
Crude Protein % 12,10 Calcium % 0,94
Crude Fibre % 7,55 Sodium % 0,49
Crude Fat % 4,06 Phosphorus % 0,50
Crude Ash % 5,54 Magnesium % 0,27
Metabolisable energy MJ 7,75 Vitamin B1 mg 2,00
Vitamin A IU 12.000,00 Vitamin B2 mg 5,00
Vitamin D3 IU 2.000,00 Nicotinic acid mg 25,00
Vitamin E mg 125,00 Biotin mg 0,15
Iron (Fe) mg 40,00 Vitamin B6 mg 4,00
Iodine (I) mg 0,75 Folic acid mg 5,00
Manganese (Mn) mg 50,00 Vitamin B12 µg 30,00
Zinc (Zn) mg 50,00 Vitamin K3 mg 2,00
Selenium (Se) mg 0,20 Pantothenic acid mg 10,00
Copper (Cu) mg 12,50 Choline chloride mg 125,00
If you have any exceptional demands for your horses, please contact us and our nutritionist will formulate
the feed according to your needs.
Feeding rate: 0,6-1,3 kg per 100 kg of body weight/day, according to activity of the horse