Little One toit kääbushamstritele 400g

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Little One toit kääbushamstritele 400g


Brändi Little One
Varastokoodi OH000111
Väri Sekoitus
EAN 4602533000111

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Complete feed, which is balanced in accordance with the individual nutritional needs of dwarf hamsters and covers all requirements for nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for the health of your pet. It has an extra varied composition and doesn't contain sweet ingredients to prevent diabetes. The feed does not contain any sharp ingredients and consists of suitably small particle sizes.Ingredients white millet Yellow millet white sorghum multigrain pellets buckwheat canary seed red millet meadow grass seeds (6%) safflower seed Japanese millet barley pea flakes barley flakes yellow panicum barley puffed Sunflower seeds milk thistle seeds dried zucchini Niger seed healthy seeds (0,5%) perilla sesame seed hemp seed inulin (0,2%) yucca extract (0,01%) Analytical constituents protein — 13,7% fat — 9,5% fibre — 7,1% ash — 6% calcium — 0,9% phosphorus — 0,6% Additives/kgNutritional additives: vitamin A — 7500IU; vitamin D3 — 800 IU; vitamin Е — 50 mg; biotin — 70 mcg; cupric sulphate (II) — 3,5 mg zinc sulphate — 15 mg potassium iodide — 0,8 mg

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