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Vutipuur Comfortplast Midi 24-28 vutile / 64(P)x65(L)x46(K)cm

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Vutipuur Comfortplast Midi 24-28 vutile / 64(P)x65(L)x46(K)cm. Komplektis on kõik mis pildil näha, st alus, puur, söödanõu, veetank, jooturid. Komplekt saabub osadena, kokkupanek võtab ca 1h aega.

Pakendi kaal 6kg.

Saatavuus: Varastossa

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Vutipuur Comfortplast Midi 24-28 vutile / 64(P)x65(L)x46(K)cm


Product Description
Suitable for hobbyists, you can use it conveniently at home or at your workplace. You can have the pleasure of recieving and eating fresh eggs everyday.
  • The quail’s housing has 24 quail capacities.
  • World’s first patented design.
  • Enhanced door lock system.
  • High fertilizer resistance from plastic, very long life, non-rusting.
  • With the elliptical and flexible base design, the fertility rate is very high and the egg breakage rate is very low.
  • High-capacity plastic feeder and 1 quail for 2 days on quail's head.
  • Zero feed loss with feed grill.
  • Plastic fertilizer pan.
  • Filtered water tank, special black silicone hose to prevent algae.
  • Nipple - automatic irrigation system to prevent wetting of the quail’s narrowed bowl area.
  • Adhesive-free, handcuffed irrigation installation.
  • Great savings on shipping with completely demounted shipment.
  • Easy and fun installation with cage mounting guide.


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Tuotenumero IB000021
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